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Give your project the film look with our wide array of letterboxes for any aspect ratio! Includes BONUS 8mm film textures pulled from real film stock.


Native 4×3 / 16×9 / 2.35×1 / 1×1 aspect ratios

Pre-built options for 16×9 project letterboxed use

Scalable 4K files

Authentically scanned bonus Film Letterboxes digitized from real film stock

Works in Premiere, Final Cut, After Effects, Davinci Resolve, and more!


8 Letterbox designs

1×1, 4×3, 16×9, 2.35×1

Native and 16×9 based file formats

BONUS Super 8 Grain

BONUS Super 8 Dust & Dirt textures

BONUS Ground Glass Overlay

BONUS pre-keyed sprocket hole overlay

BONUS pre-keyed viewfinder smudge overlay

4k UHD PNG and ProRes422 files

Detailed tutorial

Includes BONUS ground glass texture, pre-keyed sprocket holes, viewfinder smudge overlay, dust & scratches and film grain overlay!

Here you will find the finest letterboxes in 4K resolution and in all formats. Whether for cinema productions or the social networks, you won’t get a movie look faster than with this pack. Besides clean and dirty matts, you’ll also get authentic film borders scanned from real film stock. All letterboxes are easy to use in all softwares. As a bonus you get Grain, Dirt and Texture Overlays to make your look even more analog.


Use the letterboxes for a wedding film or your Nirvana cover band’s music video. We have all the styles. You can easily get the noble round corners or the cracked edges of a camera from the flea market. We have also scanned various film stocks and built pre-keyed analog film letterboxes to give your project the final artsy touch. Simply drag and drop them in your timeline, adjust length and blend mode and you’re done!


We did not know which aspect ratio you wanted to use for your project, so we decided to build them all. There are 4K letterboxes for timelines that are set to 4×3, 16×9, 2.35×1 and 1×1. They can be easily downscaled to HD without any loss of quality. We have also rebuilt every single Letterbox for use in 16×9 timelines. Just drag and drop it in.


To accompany the Letterboxes we have added many cool things from other packages. With 10-second loops of Super 8 film grain, real film dust and scratches, our ground glass structure, a pre-keyed sprocket hole and a viewfinder stain overlay you can easily make a perfect copy of grandpa’s vacation movies.

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